apmex silver reviews

Again, they successfully charged my card!

By the time I get the order, the prices have rebounded by 5% or more.

How was your buying experience? For starters when you call Apmex there is NO option for spanish *thank god! Have you every got the metal tested for purity standards?

So if you buy any Mint Direct from apmex don’t expect The tubes labled San Francisco mint to have the San Francisco mint mark. Now, the may offer good bullion prices, but I seriously doubt it. That’s why I buy graded coins. I have been buying from APMEX for about a year. We purchased 100 oz from APMEX, which was our first bullion purchase. I dont use UPS use USPS . I then said something like, "I can't wrap my head around this. How much are you offering above/below spot?". They clear checks overnight and I have metal in my hands within two days. As far as commentators on our site… We do try to remove any of the obvious fake comments, but it is an imperfect process. The USPS site says it was delivered and so does the local post office. Purchased 20 APMEX five-ounce silver bars when spot was just under $18/ounce for $1857 January 2018. It depends on what and how much I buy as how I pay for it. I have made purchases from Kitco and APMEX. Everyone has some bad customer service at some point. They are PREDATORY. After my first order I thought, APMEX is my place! Order Silver shipped by UPS what a bloody useless they saying delivery after 9pm think I have to wait all night it joke worst is they cancel it return back to them then shipped again but next is same as after 9 pm . A wire xfer from my bank was $8.00 too much and a hassle.

I will not buy from them ever again! So I am here to set the record straight ! The problem we have today is every body thinks they are an expert!
Both companies delivered in a timely manner. Just today, I called them to possibly sell 2 coins:1. Definitely something to consider unless you're trying to hold for the long run. I called the following week and was told the same thing. Customer for 4 years.... No longer!! I have been buying from Apmex for over a year now. 12 reviews for APMEX, 4.6 stars: 'Ordered a few 1 troy ounce silver bars. It is quite possible some of the negative stuff is coming from competitor sources.

Absolutely insulting! I only used them to get MORE metals using a credit card. I've been stacking for years and I never really wanted to do business involving prescious metals online in the first place but if you do your due diligence and read Apmexs descriptions closely and don't shoot from the hip you can do just fine with them when the markets are in your favor. I did not see any package in my mail box and did not receive the product.

Good day !

We recommend APMEX without any reservations whatsoever!!! Update: I still have not received the product i have ordered. We have been buying Gold and Silver Bullion from APMEX 2009 to present. Larry Ludwig was the founder and editor in chief of Investor Junkie. I’ve never had a problem. Fed Ex, & UPS are like clock work and always get a REAL Signature.
UPS left my $10,500 worth of gold at my front door it was stolen needed a signature, All My Orders Have Been Handled Professionally. Worst online experience with Apmex. Therefore, it's only recommended when buying in bulk. I just wanted to set the record straight, they have been honest in every transaction that we have done together. But I forgot, it’s America and people have the right to bitch.

I usually order silver bullion coins from around the world. This will be my last time dealing with APMEX . Disappointing experience and unsatisfactory resolution (wrote complaint back and haven’t gotten any response back). Essentially the spot price of silver rose over 50% but after the dust settles I profit 9% by doing biz with APMEX. !Purchased 40 x 0.5oz. It is beyond crazy. Until I hear from them I’ll do business elsewhere.

I too have had no luck with getting APMEX to return calls. When I got there and handed the clerk the slip left at my door, she just shoved the package at me, No ID Required, No Signature Require and away I went. They are scam artists. You know how annoying this gets? In my experience, APMEX is a quality company and I will continue to deal with them for the foreseeable future. Will report them to BBB and the Attorney general now – Lets see what comes out of it. 86 1 minute read. You can trust the integrity of our balanced, independent financial advice. P.S. Knock on wood I have have had not one issue with them. Investor Junkie has advertising relationships with some of the offers listed on this website.

Read about their experiences and share your own! Always are on time with deliveries, usually a day early. !” Really, Anthony? Have not tried to sell anything back so can't express an opinion on that end. So a little effort was involved.

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