birthday sermon for elderly

You get the chance to start a new phase of your life today, I hope you have a happy birthday. You think of old age and you think the time when your knees buckle and your belt won't. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is rooted in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. He doesn't seem a day older than when he first appeared on the scene. A father once said, "Son, you gotta set a goal and never quit. Happy birthday, I wish that after a long time, you can finally keep on doing what you love. That is the destiny of the wicked. "You know what they all had in common?" And if we get tired of Christian service we drop out and quit! To those of you here this morning who have not yet reached retirement age — don't miss out on a blessing God would want you to share in. Once a person reaches a ripe ol' age — be it 65 or 75 or 85, — what  is the best way for us to deal with them? But once a horse gets beyond a certain age they are put out to pasture. “The Lord is not... willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9) If evildoers do not repent, they will perish. Not everybody reaches a ripe o1' age! Like the rest of North America, we too are seeing an increase in the number of senior citizens in our own congregations. You are far more than what you think of yourself, better than how you perceive who you are. Just keep on being young at heart because it is optional to grow up though growing old is not. The righteous might be old and grey, but they still bear fruit in old age, they stay fresh and green! You get more wisdom as you grow older with age but your beauty will remain the same. Then and now, the wicked seem to be well off; they seem to prosper; they flourish like grass, fresh and green after rain. Already today, in some cities there are more senior citizens than children. Yet today Mickey Mouse is over 70 years old. And God can and will continue to use them in the future. Birthdays should never be celebrated without cake, though getting those candles are trouble. But there is also a message for the rest of this congregation — something all of us need to remember as we think about an aging population - both for ourselves and for the elderly among us. Keep in mind that the things that you do today would matter as much as an ordinary day. They are busy in the church and in the community. No matter where you may be today, I hope you know that I am wishing you a happy birthday! Then he added,… Is growing old a problem to struggle with or is it a blessing to celebrate? They have reached a ripe o1' age — a ripe o1' age: they still bear fruit in old age. When we as a congregation see you seniors among us faithfully serving God and his church, deeply rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus, eager to worship, ready to serve — we see evidence that the LORD God is exalted forever, that He is the sovereign Lord, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Age is but a number, those who are young at their heart are but forever young, enjoy this day! I hope that you will do your best to make every year of your life count, especially this day. They need someone to remind them how special they are and how awesome they are. The seniors among us really care about you. Song of Thanksgiving: PH 32:1-3Service of Prayer and GivingCongregational Prayer The percentage of elderly people is increasing. Thank you for holding me tight during this difficult time and being my friend. Happy birthday and best wishes for a great year, dear Aunt! A man who was celebrating his 100th birthday was told by a friend, “Well, I congratulate you, but I'm afraid you'll not be here to celebrate a second hundred.” Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at the very time God had promised him. By using this site you agree to this. "Yes." That is why it is good to praise the Lord. Volume 47, No. I hope that this day will bring you a lot of exciting possibilities that would benefit you at least. Have fun and keep on doing the things that makes you feel a little bit more alive than usual. It was during this period of his life that he was cast into the lion’s den, E.      Simeon and Anna were waiting for God to reveal the Messiah. God will reign supreme forever. They have a wealth of wisdom that they have to offer. Well, what is your experience in life? Many people give up – they quit! When the Honeymoon's over; when the new wears off; when the excitement fades; what do you do? For those who suffer with Alzheimer disease or senility, crippling arthritis or osteoporosis, loss of spouse and the resulting loneliness — yes, growing old has its many challenges and obstacles. You are the best aunt in the world. Make it easy for yourself and just reward yourself by doing something that you really love. Someone once said that if you want to know what it feels like to be old, smear dirt on your glasses, stuff cotton in your ears, put on heavy shoes that are too big and wear gloves, and then try to spend the day in a normal way. But we don't even have to look that far back to find the righteous still bearing fruit in old age. Mickey Mouse is over 70 years old and he is busy as ever at Disney world. I know how diligent you are, but I hope you get a break especially on your birthday, enjoy it. He shed his blood for you. Happy birthday, you may not know it yet but you are still as amazing as you once were. The GatheringMusic PreludeWelcome and AnnouncementsCall to Worship: Psalm 92:1,2 I just wish that you would be able to find it within you to celebrate your life and enjoy it. The Psalmist is quick to point out that the wicked are, “senseless, fools who do not understand” (v. 6). You probably noticed that this psalm is a song for the Sabbath day. Their prosperity has no future! Happy birthday, I know that today is the perfect day to tell you just how special you truly are. It is good to be able to retire from working in the secular world. I think that your birthday is a good day to reflect on all that you have done in this life of yours. That's why you elderly shouldn't let your advancing age and declining physical vigour stop you from doing things for the Lord. One day their life will come to an end. But nothing should ever cause us to retire from Christian service. God is gracious also to the wicked. Stop trying to tell yourself that the past is gone because that is what has made you yourself. No wonder the psalmist begins by saying, “It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, 0 Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night” (v. 1-2). May the Lord allow you many more years of service before He calls you home. God's sovereignty is not only seen in the destiny of the wicked but also in the destiny of the righteous. What thoughts do you have about the older generation? In contrast to the destiny of the wicked, the righteous will have an enduring fruitful life. God's sovereignty gives the assurance that life belongs to the righteous, and not to the wicked. Happy Birthday Post – Top 50 Birthday wishes for Facebook Wall. Now they flourish like the grass. Some of you are senior citizens. The son said, "Yes." “No! That is the reason given in verse 8. Is growing old a blessing or a curse? You wouldn't know it, would you? "Thomas Jefferson?" Prayer for the Word These evildoers — they are enemies of God and they will perish. On that day, the wicked will not flourish — but they will perish — forever destroyed. They aren’t in it for the long haul. 'Cause he quit!". Sermon prepared by Pastor Jack De Vries, Listowel, Ont. It has often been said by the elderly when they are asked to be involved in the church: “We have to make room for the younger members.” But making room for the youth does not mean checking out of the room yourself. Check out our collection of birthday sermon message below. We would occasionally put old bales of hay just outside the fence to keep the ditch from washing out. Young people, if you really want to be blessed, then visit the elderly in this church. I will make sure that your birthday will have something extraordinary for you to remember it. It is through worship that the righteous communes with God. Today we’re honoring three of our members that have weathered the storms of life for more than 80 years. Talk to them and listen to them. Happy Birthday, Granddaughter – Birthday wishes for your Granddaughter. The son said, "Yes." The source of this life is found in God. Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God came into this world so that you may have life, and have it to the full (10:10). Psalm 92, our text for today, has something to say about growing old. The retired have time to do many of the things that need doing, 2. When you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and you are deeply rooted in Him, if you remain in Jesus as a branch remains in a vine — then you will bear fruit — fruit that will last (15:16).

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