blue cross complete alpha prefix

DSS California (Blue Cross) LPP New York (Excellus) GSQ NOT CURRENTLY RECOGNIZED IMR New York (Excellus) WNT New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) GKG Minnesota OHS Connecticut QDS Pennsylvania (Highmark) HTC New York (Empire) NSA California (BC) MAX Illinois FMM Michigan HEU Massachusetts MXF New York (Empire) ATX Ohio FCN BC of St Louis MO FWY Illinois SRO New York (Excellus) IPN Pennsylvania (Highmark) MIH South Carolina YMG New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) UNJ Massachusetts WMW Arkansas MMF New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) GAN New York (Empire) HRL Minnesota MHF Florida BCBSAZ Quick Guide to Blue Cross and Blue Shield ID Cards . PAY New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) EEX New York (Empire) XBK Arizona HIW Massachusetts Blue Cross Complete members can have their prescription filled at more than 2,000 retail pharmacies throughout Michigan. GOR New York (Excellus) RYS California CZF Rhode Island 0000107049 00000 n SJA Ohio MPY New York (Empire) AHW Massachusetts XBC Arizona ZCS South Carolina EMPIRE BCBS 800 344 0503 GAN EXR New York (Empire) EMPIRE BCBS 866 290 9098 CGB, LLD ZCL South Carolina Thanks for the help. SIA Iowa (Wellmark) GH_ = Delphi group of BCBS of MI (Northwood NPN) NGW Virginia GSK Pennsylvania (Capital) WUR New Jersey (Horizon) YNZ New York (Excellus/Central) PLN = Anthem (PolyOne nat’l acct) TOE Kansas KRU New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) GPO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) MHH Michigan Below are the BC/BS/Anthem prefixes we’ve verified by calling the 800 number. ZFF New York (Excellus) HLE New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) SMF = Alabama NJX New Jersey CBB New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) ", Home CIL New York (Excellus) I’ll add the screen name of the person who supplied the prefix, unless someone requests otherwise. HIGH MARK BCBS PENNSYLVANNIA MSA UPR Pennsylvania – Highmark KSZ Tennessee You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. ZBP Rhode Island (Medicare Supplement) YNT New York (Excellus/Central) GHP Michigan VZJ Wisconsin (SmartSaver Medicare Advantage MSA) It will open in a new window. Anyone know what state this prefix belongs to EZVAN? HOR Penn (Highmark) BCBS CALIFORNIA 800 690 0512 UMG CNT Missouri TTI Alabama EME Iowa (Wellmark) YLW New York (Empire) INE South Carolina YET Nebraska BCBS GEORGIA 800 441 2273 /PRECERT 800 722 6614 XKC XBM Arizona YJW New York (Western – HealthNow) ANTHEM CALIFORNIA 800 677 6669 /800 274 7767 OPT 4 XDX DCD California UEB Massachusetts XDM California – Blue Cross HYR Pennsylvania RYC New York (Excellus) NCT Texas SYK Pennsylvania (Independence) 15 0 obj<>stream CKL Georgia LUS New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) CZK Virginia YJA New York (Western) DXQ NOT CURRENTLY RECOGNIZED <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 9 0 R 13 0 R 15 0 R 18 0 R 19 0 R 21 0 R 22 0 R 24 0 R 25 0 R 27 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> KPH Tennesee HCC Ohio CHF Texas This link will take you to a new site not affiliated with BCBSTX. CRN Massachusetts FCD Illinois FMA, FMR, NCH, YHF, YHN, HIF, HSG, HWA, HWW -Jersey national accounts 0000021370 00000 n I do this for all my calls as 1/2 the time I can’t understand the person answering the phones. FQF = BCBS of MN (Fleet Wholesale Supply) I do DME billing and collection. XGF Connecticut PQB Illinois TEL Alabama YGM New Hampshire XVA Maine LVH Pennsylvania (Highmark) =��� -kvi�8M��}��#�j����@��͋�g����$��X���c���+Rt�H����9�ƪk���g�ǧ��}>�V�ٛ�^�5��@&�:d��*���JFEl�: � m�7R�PoZY�}s BCBS TENNESSE 800 924 7141 STA, MEM, UWU OUH Ohio BCBS OHIO 888 290 9160 YRP CJI New York (Excellus) VZF Wisconsin CAH Virginia WRF Texas XFT Colorado YOY New York (Excellus/Utica) IJU Texas YVP Oregon (Regence) [Thanks Chan!] PFP Penn (Capital) CSP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) UEW Massachusetts YLD New York (Empire) FPG Virginia To return to our website, simply close the new window. TWW New York (Empire) XEC California – Blue Shield PXL Massachusetts KSX New York (Empire) HKS Pennsylvania (Highmark) NWH New Jersey (Horizon) XFU Colorado (Medicare Advantage HMO: Sure Value) 0000002537 00000 n NEC Illinois WLN South Carolina RVM New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) XYH Michigan startxref FGP Michigan NYI New York (Empire) NSC = Anthem of Virginia XZN-MINNESOTA 3M RETIREMENT SUPPLEMENT WPT New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) SZY-Georgia AVW New York (Empire) RLM Ohio IDW Ohio BYB Ohio NLQ Washington/Alaska (Premera) HHT Wisconsin GMH Michigan TDK Washington/Alaska (Premera) MAKE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE THE PROMPTS ARE NOT PLACED IN ORDER, THEY DO 6 THEN 5 THEN 1…, Would someone please send me the list? MZJ Massachusetts CMB New York (Excellus) RZN Massachusetts YEB Nebraska [Thanks Meesh!] AYU Wisconsin NGL Ohio CHH Tennesee BCBS NATL PPO 800 676 2583 / 866 407 6468 WEG New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) (If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try the non-verified list of prefixes. YVA Oregon (Regence) [Thanks Chan!] XJJ Florida AMR Texas AUX Wisconsin CBD Pennsylvania (Highmark) Does someone have the phone# for Medicaid of PA? Muxy!] USB Maryland XGF Connecticut USR New York (Excellus/Central) OHS Connecticut AFV New York (Excellus) HRV California – Blue Shield GGT New York (Empire) INT Alabama RCC New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) AOI Texas LSR Kansas BCBS OKLAHOMA YUP QCS Pennsylvania (Independence) Verify eligibility via Highmark’s NaviNet. YGM New Hampshire BTW California SCY Alabama [Thanks JC] HOPE THIS HELPS, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR TIME UPDATING THIS LIST! FRZ Tennessee [Thanks Kelly] YGA New Hampshire NCJ New York (Empire) The Health Exhibit is proudly powered by WordPress Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). ASG New York (Excellus) WGG Ohio SBR Penn. YMV New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) YNY New York (Excellus/Central) BCBS CALIFORNIA 323 866 2200 POLICY END IN “J” IJC New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) XSM Kansas JWA Kansas City CBT = Anthem of Ohio AYZ Ohio VRA CBA Blue (Vermont) EHH New Hampshire ��I߷y� e�L]X$�@��$6ydJ䘲]�H��z�>�Qc8{bée��wΒ�({*d��@��T��CA���^���W�l��!+�����U���/T���o���}@ s6w�~��������Y��'cJ>|���� �T�>��E�`��o��Ieg���bZ�Y����r�+>|G�$�����P8�Z������qjb�nwi�9��8d�� ���"������B��

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