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Rev. These climatic influences probably account for the simultaneous outbreaks of cholera in unconnected foci,98,99 the existence of which provided evidence in support of anti-contagionist theories in the 19th century. John Snow’s conviction about the source for the London outbreak and his concern for public health compelled him to oppose the popular beliefs of his time and convince the local council in London’s West End to disable the water pump on Broad Street. of the blue cholera of India. started the Broad Street pump outbreak. Or did John Snow and Hempel tells a great story in The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump, meshing together John Snow's life and the history of cholera in Britain. And he that was never yet connected with his poorer neighbour by deeds of Charity or Love, may one day find, when it is too late, that he is connected with him by a bond which may bring them both, at once, to a common grave.38. The Broad Street pump handle has become an icon of the field of epidemiology. The Epidemiological Imagination. Further remarks on the mode of communication of cholera; including some comments on the recent reports on cholera by the General Board of Health. day.". This conclusion came from careful reasoning about the patterns of cholera outbreaks, who was affected and who was spared during the epidemics, where and when epidemics occurred. The deaths in the latter districts exceeded by nearly 2000 deaths that would have occurred if cholera had only been as fatal as it was in the houses that derived their water from Ditton. Lilienfeld AM, Lilienfeld DE. In the summer of 2018, further renovation work placed the replica pump in the correct historical position. Snow J. Cholera and the water supply in the South districts of London, in 1854. The importance of what has more lately been referred to as lay epidemiology93 in mediating between socioeconomic determinants and their ultimate expression in disease rates is largely absent from the history of epidemiology, although not from social history. Miasma and ‘Social Factors’ in disease causality: Lessons from the nineteenth century. Removal of the pump handle was temporally related to the end of the epidemic. Doctors and scientists believe it’s caused by “miasma,” or bad air. An editorial in The Medical Examiner in November 1849 cited Budd as maintaining that cholera could be prevented by supplying water from an uninfected district, ‘as water is the principal channel through which this poison finds its way into the human body’.39 Later it seems the water theory was mainly associated with Snow. the public, even in the face of biological and epidemiological This particular pump was supplied by a company that drew water from an uncontaminated part of the Thames, which led him to the conclusion that it must be a problem with the pump itself, not the overall water supply. Loomis D, Wing S. Is molecular epidemiology a germ theory for the end of the 20th century? Its representation of science in the service of public and environmental health should not be trivialized by considering John Snow to have arrived at his conclusions solely by recognizing an association. Santafé de Bogotá: Ediciones Uniandes, 2000. government. A replica pump was displayed on the corner of Broadwick and Poland Street between 1992 to 2015, but was removed due to renovation at that location. Like us on Facebook to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the Broad Street pump was only a few feet from an open cesspool, and residents reported that the water has smelled foul a few days earlier. Initially the main evidence related to the apparent spread of cholera towards Europe and the Americas. A rivalry of foulness: Official and unofficial investigations of the London cholera epidemic of 1854. Cholera 1832: The Social Response to an Epidemic. From John Sutherland’s report on the 1854 cholera epidemic in London33. We invite submission of visual media that explore ethical dimensions of health. less than three feet away. Guardians at the Vestry Hall near his home and the involved children who went to school near the Broad Street pump. Of 17 houses, 12 used water from a spring and five used rain water. Examples of the coincidence between the occurrence of cholera in individuals, and their contact with others actually labouring under the disease. Snow's good friend, Dr. Benjamin Richardson, But, thanks to Dr. the Broad Street pump outbreak, which started on August 30, 1854. So far as the inquiries instituted by the Registrar-General go, they certainly exhibit some striking results, which are thus stated. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. attacked with cholera on the very day (September 8th) on which the pump-handle Reverend Henry Whitehead was a 29 year old cleric at a church in the Broad Vandenbroucke J. fecal matter through the decayed brickwork of the cesspool to the well which was In: Leon D, Walt G. Poverty, Inequality and Health. In 1854 he got the chance to test his theory. Whitehead H. Remarks on the outbreak of cholera in Broad Street, Golden Square, London, in 1854. Secondly, and more crucially, Budd considered that he had identified the agent of cholera—a fungus-like element in the water, which he and others detected microscopically in the water from Redcross Street, the site of the first Bristol outbreak (Figure 3). In a sense, each physician is called to be an epidemiologist on a smaller scale, viewing the people and cases of disease passing through a clinic within the context of their community and, more broadly, the environment surrounding that community, like Dr. Snow’s patients in London’s West End. He created a map depicting where cases of cholera occurred in London’s West End and found them to be clustered around a water pump on Broad Street. Esrey SA, Habicht JP. Snow's example seems to demonstrate that it is important to act on the possible association of a cause with an effect without a theoretical underpinning for the association and in preference to obtaining the scientific information needed to appropriately inform the decision. He became interested in the epidemic and conducted his own As a contemporary reviewer, the distinguished hygienistEA Parkes, wrote: on first reading …, we thought that the deaths referred to took place only in the district with the intermingled supply, and that this was the answer to the ‘experiment on a grand scale’, so laboriously inquired into by Dr Snow. The Broad Street cholera outbreak (or Golden Square outbreak) was a severe outbreak of cholera that occurred in 1854 near Broad Street (now Broadwick Street) in the Soho district of the City of Westminster, London, England, and occurred during the 1846–1860 cholera pandemic happening worldwide. Snow convinced authorities to remove the pump's handle. However, it appeared amidst a veritable spate of speculation, experiment, investigation and recommendations regarding cholera, and some of these less celebrated (at least now) contributions remain instructive. Sign up for our newsletter and enter to win the second edition of our book. Body and City: Histories of Urban Public Health. infant girl at 40 Broad Street near the pump had an attack of diarrhea on August That these organisms are disseminated through society, (1) in the air, in the form of impalpable particles; (2) in contact with articles of food; and (3) and principally, in the drinking-water of infected places. John Snow’s investigations were, however, of a different scope and with different intention than the work they built on, and clearly justify their status as locus classicus of 19th century epidemiology. the rich—were protected. Review: Mode of Communication of Cholera by John Snow MD. Reading contemporary accounts makes it clear, however, that at the very least, views on cholera transmissibility and on the economy were refracted through each other.

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