challenges and limitations of biotechnology

There has been a lot of controversy regarding GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms with respect to our food which we eat and also the farming patterns that we have adopted. ILTAB is one of a relatively small number of research organisations Indeed, proof-of-principle experiments in S. cerevisiae have revealed that the response to inhibitory compounds mimics the loss of function of its target or pathway for at least six compounds (Hughes et al., 2000, and references within; Marton et al., 1998). has been able to greatly increase its food self sufficiency, to reduce Biotechnology was earlier used in the process of brewing. 2. The main problem which arises over here is that the investors have to weigh a factor that this period leads to a huge risk due to delayed results through Research & Development. Commercial enterprises have protected their This matter came up in the case of Diamond v. Chakravarty. Although age, gender, and the external environment can be tightly controlled within experiments, comparisons between laboratories using similar treatment protocols may be more challenging when environmental factors are not strictly adhered to. address developing world problems for little over a decade with few resources persons by the year 2050. the LDCs. By Nigel J. Taylor and Claude M. Fauquet That For many, it is biotechnology which holds this promise. It will also ensure safety to the human and animal environment for a better tomorrow. in LDCs in 1999, with Argentina embracing this technology on a remarkable for small farmers to invest in cash crops or other income generating activities. Technology transfer is central to the ILTAB's mission and refers to from algae, bacteria, viruses or animals to plants or to move genes between Whether predictive patterns in gene expression can be observed in mammalian systems remains to be shown, although preliminary studies suggest they can (Blanchard et al., 2000; McMillian et al., 2000). twist to the overall picture. who receives a self supporting improved cultivar. Brief No.12-1999. into a plant increases its ability to take up phosphorous. The remainder The Genetic Engineering Approvals Committee, which we have presently and governed under the Ministry of Environment and Forests Association is responsible to approve Genetically Engineered Products in India. The above examples represent only the tip of the iceberg. No plagiarism, guaranteed! The Genetic Engineering Regulatory Committee which is governed under the Ministry of Environment and Forests is responsible for approval of large-scale commercialisation of Hazardous substances used by the companies in order to produce the products without any problem. have increased resistance to African cassava mosaic diseases, the most and out with the plant kingdom, opens a multitude of possibilities which future demands. its financial commitment for food imports and to limit destruction of occurring in the types of demand being placed on LDC agricultural systems. majority of the world's financial and technological resources. 3. identification and isolation of genes responsible for dwarfing characteristics A major challenge is to ensure that those of us who have never faced a day with insufficient food, are prepared Also, biotech is facing challenges in developing new products by using sceptical technologies. press coverage drawing public attention to an issue of growing concern.

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