dolphin fun facts for kids

This is one of the fun dolphin facts for kids of a certain age, especially children who like dinosaurs, such as the T-Rex. It is fun to watch a show, just remember, it is not always fun for the animal to be part of it! # 1. Dolphins are sometimes thought of as the dogs of the sea because they are usually playful. Male dolphins courts a female dolphin by bringing her gifts, performing aquatic maneuvers, and may sing to his loved one; however, if there are multiple suitors, male dolphins will fight to determine who wins the right to mate with the female dolphin. There are wild dolphins and there are dolphins that are kept in zoo’s like sea world, that are trained for entertainment shows. Sometimes dolphins are killed because they get caught in fishing nets. Some think a dolphin can help depressed people. Dolphins use squeaks and whistles to call to each other. When the male and female dolphin mate, it will only take about 10 seconds and they can repeat several times a day. Animals are usually very sad to be in captivity and are best left in the wild where they belong. The Ancestors of Dolphins Entered the Water 55 Million Years Ago, Killer Whales Are Actually 30 ft. Long Dolphins, Amazon River Dolphins Sport Goatees and Can Turn Their Head 90 Degrees, Dolphins Can Hear 10 Times above the Human Range of Hearing, Cute and Carnivorous – Dolphins Only Eat Meat, Dolphins Have Big Parties – Sometimes Over 1,000 Dolphins Hangin’ Out, Bottlenose Dolphins Teach Each Other to Use Tools, In Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Dolphins and Humans Fish as a Team, Penguin Facts for Kids: 10 Interesting Facts about Penguins, George Washington Facts: 10 Fun facts about George Washington, Psychological Facts About Love And Dreams, Rosa Parks Facts:10 Facts about Rosa Parks |…, Panther Facts: 20 Amazing Facts about Panthers, Fun Koala Facts for Kids: 10 Interesting Facts about Koala. Orcas live all over the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Altough they live in the water, dolphins are mammals, not fish. Easy Science for Kids. Dolphins are mammals; this means that they nurse their babies with milk from the mothers. The fin on their back is called a dorsal fin. Bottlenose dolphins live in rivers and coastal areas in the southern United States. The most known dolphin is the “ bottlenose dolphin”. However, 5 species of dolphin live in rivers. In particular, fishermen and dolphins can work as a team to fish. We hope that you have enjoyed these facts about dolphins for kids. Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about these amazing creatures, try these fun activities: Draw a dolphin. This website is a resource for those who want to have fun, build self esteem and teach their kids how to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Dolphins are mammals; this means that they nurse their babies with milk from the mothers. Larger dolphins, such as the orca, will eat other mammals such as seals, and even whales that are larger than the orca. Hey Kids! Thankfully the relationships between humans and dolphins have been mostly good. Dolphins sometimes die when they become trapped in fishermen’s nets. Dolphins are intelligent. At 30 ft. long and with large teeth, there are no known predators of the orca. Dolphins are water mammals. Dolphins can stay up to 15 minutes under water, but they cannot breath under the water. Dolphins have two stomach parts. Fish, squid and crustaceans are included in their list of prey. However, it’s technically not a whale, but it is part of the genera of dolphin. Once the fish are caught, the fishermen give the dolphins their share of the catch. The largest dolphin in the world is the orca, which is commonly known as the killer whale. They are carnivores meaning they eat meat. Common dolphins travel in groups of around 10-50 in number and frequently gather into schools numbering 100 to 2000 individuals. There are over 30 species of dolphins, and they are all carnivores that eat fish, squid and, in the case of the Orca, seals and other marine mammals. # 1. Dolphins eat a variety of fish, squid, and crustaceans. It’s one of the friendliest of the species to humans. The Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin has a special way of hunting for fish in the sand and rocks at the bottom of the ocean. Dolphins and whales share different features with their distant relatives such as zebras, camels, and the more closely related hippopotamus. These graceful animals find a way to our and our children's hearts quickly. When dolphin species began to emerge about 11 million years ago, the Orcinus lineage branched off at around the same time. Bottlenose dolphins live up to 40 years while the Orca (killer whales) can live up to 80 years. # 3. Perhaps the Amazon river dolphins are the beat poets of the dolphin clade and they like to sport a goatee. As cute as dolphins are, just like the T-Rex, they only eat meat. Amazon river dolphin facts also reveal that these dolphins do not have fused neck bones. Dolphins typically eat fish, but also eat other marine animals, including squid. In 2006, the Yangtze River Dolphin was named functionally extinct. Dolphin activities. When you are finished learning the facts, try answering the questions in the Q&A corner on the bottom right side of the page. One thing is for sure, dolphins know how to throw a big party! Dolphins use a blowhole on top of their heads to breathe. It is cruel to keep any animal in captivity (like in a cage in the zoo), yet sometimes it is the only way to show kids rare or endangered animals, or animals from far away places. A mother dolphin will stay with a calf for 2 to 3 years. Answer: Killer whales and bottlenose dolphins aren’t endangered, but many river dolphins are. To prevent its mouth or beak being hurt by the sand and rocks, the dolphin will pick up a sponge with its mouth and use that to dig amongst the sand and rocks, thus stirring up any fish that might be hiding there. WTF fun facts show that the ancestors of dolphins are land mammals, and dolphin facts reveal that dolphins are related to land mammals living today including, most closely, the hippopotamus. Like a small human child! Dolphin facts teach us that there are a wide variety of species of dolphin in the ocean within a group of animals called agenera. (2020). ReddIt. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Dolphins are sometimes thought of as the dogs of the sea because they are usually playful and friendly. They are the rarest type of dolphin and live off the coast of. The smallest dolphin is called a Maui’s dolphin. Check out our awesome range of animal facts for kids and learn some fun trivia about our friends in the animal kingdom. If you annoy a dolphin, he could poke you with his nose real hard. Make no mistake though, dolphins are predators, and they are carnivores, meaning they eat only meat. Bottlenose Dolphin Facts for Kids – Bottlenose Dolphin Fun Facts. One stores food and the other digests the food. Female dolphins are called cows, males are called bulls and young dolphins are called calves. The largest dolphin is the “killer whale” (also known as Orca). Like bats, dolphins use echolocation to find food and objects. # 5. For lengthy info click here. Dolphin facts teach us that dolphin groups are called pods, and these large gatherings of over a thousand dolphins are called superpods. They swim by moving their tails up and down. Though they appear differently in various species, dolphin facts tell us that these two bones appearing in all dolphins are called vestigial limbs. Historical facts about dolphin show that humans and dolphins have had cooperative relations dating back to Roman times. These schools are generally very active socially with groups often surfacing, jumping and splashing together. Bottlenose dolphins are the most common type of dolphin. Dolphin Fun Facts for Kids: # 1. 25 Nov 2020. Learn about different types of dolphins, how they communicate with each other and much more. You’re likely to see the Bottlenose dolphin in rivers and coastal areas in … We've listed our top 10 facts about these chatty mammals of the oceans. They also display the most elaborate acoustic social abilities, from whistles and squeaks to groans and yelps. But always remember they are wild animals, never feed or touch them. Learn about different types of dolphins, how they communicate with each other and much more. Watch this very fun and entertaining dolphin video: A video of a dolphin show to see how smart dolphins can be when trained. Dolphins typically eat fish, but also eat other marine animals, including squid. google_ad_width = 160; Dolphin facts have yet to reveal which table is the cool table at lunchtime. Dolphins live in schools or pods of up to 12 individuals. Copyright @ 2020. Some scientists believe that there may be 3 or 5 different species of orca. Echolocation is determining location by high pitch sounds. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. How would you feel, if you could never run, climb, go on a trip, take long walks or play your favorite sports game? Humans are a threat to dolphins. Dolphin Facts for Kids. Dolphins can swim up to 260 m. below the surface of the ocean. Of the more than 30 species of dolphin, most live in the oceans of the world.

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