employee benefits research paper

It is visible in Figure 1 that in 2011, the respondents preferred most, from the options available, sick days (11%), employer’s contribution to pension scheme (10.9%) and language courses (10.8%). In conclusion, the best companies are interested in long-term cooperation, and they invest their energy and time in the growth of the recruited specialists, especially the top employees. Considering that employees expect from the business high-quality service, individual approach, and non-standard solutions not only in the overall performance but also in the context of employee benefits, it is essential to employ an individual approach to the top employees. +1 (508) 504-5634 There was a significant increase (almost double) showed in the opportunity to use legal services paid by employer, which – due to the difficult economic situation worldwide and the rising number of foreclosures and personal bankruptcies – is a logical and understandable phenomenon. Also, IAS 19 identifies and classifies these benefits into five categories namely: short-term employee benefits, post-employment benefits, other long-term benefits, benefits for the employment termination contract, compensation in the form of the equity participations. Figure 1. Fortunately, employees will not have a limit, and for the company, the home office mode is also an additional benefit due to the reduction of office and administrative expenses. adaptation programs in the organization – explaining the organization’s policies to the newcomers as well as the generally accepted procedures and key values, indicating the standards of effective work expected in such areas as quality, customer service, and flexibility requirements (Morgan, 2014); stimulation of performance management development processes, which contribute to the harmonization of expectations for performance and regular revision; encouragement of the use of personal development plans, which describe the ways to achieve a continuous increase in labor efficiency, mainly through self-regulatory training (Morgan, 2014); creation of the maximum possible amount of contacts between managers and team leaders and team members to achieve a mutual understanding of expectations, provision of facilities and conditions for mutual communication, and establishment of psychological contacts (Bullock et al., 2015); implementation of a general policy of transparency that promotes the information of employees on all matters relating to them, explaining the causes of the current and possible consequences for employment, development, and prospects; development of procedures aimed at working with complaints, disciplinary sanctions, equal opportunities policy, promotion, and dismissal, ensuring fair and systematic implementation of these procedures. They want to work on interesting projects, know that the company is listening to their opinion, and to be sure that the leaders are interested in their training and development. We use cookies to improve your website experience. Vroom’s valence, instrumentality, expectancy (VIE) theory (Armstrong, 1999; Kanfer, Chen, & Pritchard, 2008) assumes that an individual can judge whether certain behaviour will lead to the expected result, whether a primary result will lead to a secondary outcome, and whether these secondary outcomes are relatively attractive for him. The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. Order Management. This paper focuses on identifying the workplace benefits that are valued by the employees most of all and that are actually useful to retain them effectively. It should be merged with the corporate culture of a certain company, so that top employees do not have thought of changing their jobs. All people are different, and the motives of all are specific. In times of crisis, there is a higher trend in the shift of interest towards items focused on a guaranteed immediate financial benefit (meal allowance, contributions to health care, pension scheme, life insurance, etc.

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