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'Exhausted' has a strong meaning, so we can only use certain adverbs. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. Otherwise, you could say 'Do you think it will rain tomorrow?' English Grammar online practice tests from test-guide.com. How to participate in Competitive English mcq quiz Hardly = almost not, so 'hardly ever' = almost never There is a rule (although it's too complicated to remember when you're speaking) - the best way is to use your instinct: if one way sounds better, then it probably is better. Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition choosing one from the given options: Out of the four given options ,choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word : Sumptuous, Choose the opposite word in meaning to the given word :- Cosset, Out of the four alternatives choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the phrase :-, to remove the skin of a potato or an orange, Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best conveys the meaning of the phrase:-, Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition choosing from the given options:-. We use 'a' in phrases like this: Change the following sentences from passive voice to active voice. Present Simple Tense: Forms, Rules and Examples. As it is third person singular (Mick), we must have the ’s’. Tests for reading, listening and vocabulary also available. In this case, he didn't arrive late, so he caught the train. We may play football. © www.grammarwiz.com 2019 All rights reserved, Parallel Structure Quiz: Test yourself on Parallelism, Pronoun antecedent agreement quiz: Practice Exercise. We use if + past perfect with modal verb + have + past participle. He/she/it doES, so we use 'does' in this question. What film ________ we watch? Police are being notified that three prisoners have escaped. In the following question, out of the given options, choose one of the best expresses the meaning of the given word: CONDEMN, In the following question, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word:-Magnanimous, In the following question out of the four alternatives choose the one which best conveys the meaning of the phrase, that which cannot be rectified or  made good. Also, this page requires javascript. Grammar Quizzes > Tenses Quiz . This situation is imaginary: I am imagining being in your position. Get used to + -ing = adapt to a new situation. Take our free English grammar level test and find your English level. Louis is a singing waiter at a beach-front restaurant. Sign-up for Free Grammar Tips into your Inbox! 3. The Ultimate Active And Passive Voice Quiz. In this situation, you don't know if you will get hungry or not. It's my bag = It's mine If you leave this page, your progress will be lost. We use this form to talk about an imaginary situation in the past: We use 'shall' for offers/suggestions when we ask a question, I was ________ exhausted by the end of the day. Lots of English grammar exercises and quizzes both online and in PDF to help you practise your English Your email address will not be published. If you are unable to determine who or what is the performer (agent) of the action, type “unknown.” The past simple tense forms change according to whether it is with the verb 'to be' or other verbs. It was (1) the first time he had eaten (2) anything so spicy. [Learn More], Recommended Study GuidesBest ACT Prep CoursesBest BAR Prep CoursesBest CFA Study MaterialBest CPA Review Courses Best DAT Prep CoursesBest GMAT Prep CoursesBest GRE Prep Courses Best HESI Prep CoursesBest LSAT Prep CoursesBest MCAT Prep Courses Best PMP Exam Prep CoursesBest SAT Prep CoursesBest TEAS Prep CoursesBest TOEFL Preparation Courses, A ton of standardized tests will either have a reading, English, or grammar section on them. I've called... = present perfect Type in the correct noun. 10 questions that can be done online or printed out for classroom use. So in this case, he is often rude, and I find it annoying or unpleasant, so I want him to change. --> Three times a week I wish he ________ so rude to people when we go out. 'Having spent...' = 'Because I spent...' Action on the bill is being considered by the committee. All quizzes have answers available. So, let's get started already. His wife is suffering from … Which sentence is written in active voice? Paige was annoyed by Mark’s violent outbursts. But they ________be away - I saw them this morning! This is an indirect question, so after the 'Could you tell me...' we don't change the word order in the rest of the sentence. very important Eng mcqs for all competitive exams like SSC / RRB / BANK Exam / Railway NTPC and other state level exams like HSSC / UPSSSC. 'Two times' is not wrong, but native speakers usually say 'twice'. Put ________ bag on ________ table, then give me ________ apple and ________ bar of chocolate, 1) 'The bag' because I think you know which bag I'm talking about If English is not your native language than communicating fluently can be a big issue.An effective way to deal with it is taking maximum English Mcq Quiz Questions. If I had more time, I ________ do more exercise. Each ESL quiz … Type in the correct noun. 'By Friday, we'll have done everything. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. The committee’s recommendation was vetoed by the presiding officer. Type in the correct noun. This is a time-related activity. I also have the YouTube channels. Whom or what is doing the action? Many online resources are available for people interested in improving their grammar. Fast --> adverb = fast (it's irregular), She ________ in a small house near the park, I am Again, awesome web log! This English grammar quiz consisting of upto twenty-five questions on active and passive voice sentences is a perfect test session for all the students who are learning about the subject and want to test … This lesson explains the forms of the affirmative, negative and questions words. These Eng mcqs questions and answers help you to pay attention to the area you are weak in. The brakes were slammed on by her as the car sped downhill. The present simple tense varies it's form depending on whether it is being used with the third person singular, other verbs, or the verb to be.

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