falx of olympos assassination

This is where I am sure most of the discussion will come in. Can be chained only one time. We return to Assassin's Creed Odyssey because of the agency it gives players. For those not in the know the Falx of Olympos is a legendary spear that does an insane amount of damage but your health is capped at 25% of your total health. I really enjoyed playing with cursed weapons (1/3 HP, 3x the damage) in Origins. I've gone all in on poison (+20% poison damage, +15% poison damage and buildup, +10% intoxication and weakening effect, +30% armor penetration) and I think it's a good alternative to everyone and their mother using fire. That sounds buggish (i.e. I was happy to discover the Falx of Olympos engraving on the spear and I have some questions: Am I reading the engraving correctly in that it is 1/4 HP, but only 2x the damage? I'll get back to you later this evening as I wont be on until then. This can be effective for players who are confident in their dodging & survival skills.gamewith.net, The Falx of Olympos was a legendary spear in 5th century BCE Greece . I stamped the spear with +20% Health and Armor. I crit for over 1mil damage on headshots and it allows me to basically take out any elite or merc in one shot. along with everything else. The blade of yummy ness is your best bet but it disables your abilities. I used that bow for a long time until I got the legendary poison daggers. Press J to jump to the feed. I dislike that health malus because it forces me to play cautiously more often. During the Peloponnesian War, the spear laid in the depths of the sunken Palace of Amphitrite, in the bottom of the Aegean Sea between the islands of Thera and Paros. Anyone got information of that? My build is mainly assassin spec with a smattering of hunter and warrior abilities. With the regular health pool I feel that I can afford to take more risks. not a feature) to me and I was wondering if they patched that or if the bonus can stack? (+100% dmg / but life reduced to 25%) I am guessing we are considered full life since the healing power (which should give me 50% of my max life) refills 50% of my 25% lowered life. I use melee when I mess up and my stealth breaks. Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process. Definitely worth it, since that additional 100% can mean the difference between 1 shot assassinating Elites/Mercenaries or not. I could probably do better for hunter damage (12k), but with predator shot it’s usually a one-shot ordeal anyway. Falx is probably faster anyway unless you count how much I die with it. Just a question, you say you use the Achilles' set because of the 2% life steal. Low chance to gain a 30% Health Shield when Hit: 7.0 / 10: Handcrafted Spear: 2464 +14% Warrior Damage +12% Adrenaline per CRIT +12% Damage on Spartan Soldiers: 7.0 / … The legendary Falx of Olympos spear that can be found in one of the more distant areas of the game world is quite similar to a cursed weapon. I'm looking for alternatives to this weapon because of the health cap at 25% & plus it's been pretty tough to beat bosses/elite enemies. Or for the quests where the "game" keeps me talking till a melee starts. ".gamefaqs.gamespot.com, The legendary Falx of Olympos spear that can be found in one of the more distant areas of the game world is quite similar to a cursed weapon. Is the 10% health engraving better than the 30% armor engraving? Verifying your email address also improves the security of your Ubisoft account, helps us provide you better support, and ensures you don't miss out on exclusive content, newsletters, and other special offers. Hi, I was wondering what is considered "low life" for crit bonus and if we are considered on full life, or not, while weilding Falx of olympos. Assassin + Hunter better fits my play style. You may want to play with these as much as you want. While exploring the underwater location, the Spartan misthios Kassandra claimed the spear.assassinscreed.fandom.com, Falx of Olympos Location This guide shows you a legendary chest location in AC Origins. In addition to the standard-looking stats, this weapon has one unique feature - you can inflict 100% more damage, but this is at the expense of reducing the hero's health bar by up to 75 percent. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There are certain weapons that give adrenaline on crit [Xiphos of Peleus & Falx of Olympos] but when I assassinate someone and it crits, the adrenaline gained doesn’t change, whether I use the weapon[s] or not.

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