guitar neck pocket side shim

Monday thru Saturday CLOSED Sunday, Absolutely the best. Greg relayed his findings after receipt of the 335-S, made his remarks, and I told him to go with what he felt was right because he has the experience I lack. As a working guitarist in the Nashville area, I can testify to the outrageous prices and wait times in Nashville that Greg talks about on his website. I'm likely going to try a level full pocket shim to raise the neck a bit and see what that does. Blank shims were designed for odd screw spacings, smaller neck pockets, and custom designs like the Fender Micro-Tilt™. This angles the neck back, allowing a more comfortable action. Can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. You can order these now on … Greg was completely transparent, sending me photos of the guitar upon arrival and then more photos as he got to work. These shims enable third party necks to fit late model Fender Strats and Tele’s and Jazz type Basses. 3). Greg is THE man to talk to. You could try some powdered rosin in the neck pocket. The craftsmanship is fenomenal. But I think a 1cm shim might just make your action a wee bit too low. This has helped playing through a new Fishman Loudbox Artist immensely. Removed the neck and found a thick line of pait on one edge of the neck pocket. When you draw the two pieces together (neck, body) the rosin will help prevent shifting. Those “fretless wonders” just weren’t doing it for me, but I liked the husk of the guitar as a whole. CURRENT HOURSPlease call for appointment! Completely satisfied and heartily recommended. Greg also. He is the best. You don't have to worry about the shim slipping either. I cannot recommend Greg's work strongly enough. I have nothing but great things to share about my experience with Greg. TalkBass utilizes technology from Skimlinks that may give us a small affiliate commission on purchases made via links on our site. With Aperio. He responded back to my initial inquiry very quickly with an obvious wealth of knowledge. You probably won’t need much more than 1cm of shim. You can also dowel and redrill the screw holes on the body. Fig. 4.7 out of 5 stars 38. 2. Local luthiers in my area had outrageous prices or just flat-out seemed disinterested in working on my guitar. I checked with Jimmy Carter and he agrees. Had a stainless steel refret on a 1995 Taylor 810ce and it plays as if it was brand new. Gold Supporters see zero ads! Fig. These wood shims are cut on a CNC to insure they fit the neck pocket and the bolt holes align properly. In this column, we’ll learn how to fix a neck angle that’s too low. using a neck plate to get the spacing correct - from the existing holes, or, just be real careful to drill the new (smaller) holes right on center of the dowels you used. I'm a bit afriad to mention this - but..... That looks like some sort of epoxy... wouldn't it permanently attach the body to the neck? lo&behold I ended up taking most of my guitars for this service! 3. I went to Aperio to refret one of my guitars and. Shims for Fender neck pockets. The neck joint on any guitar is the most important join, it's got a lot to live up structurally and tonally. A shim when referred to guitar neck usage is for all intents and purposes a thin spacer. This is best done in pairs....  using a neck plate to get the spacing correct - from the existing holes, or, just be real careful to drill the new (smaller) holes right on center of the dowels you used. I’ve had my guitars worked on by Nashville’s “top” luthiers and I can say, unequivocally, that my work done at Aperion was far less expensive, faster, and BETTER! Ordered these to shim the neck of a G&L Legacy Tribute.

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