how to draw a pumpkin face on a pumpkin

The mouth is two zig-zag lines with series of a straight “cut” triangle teeth. Keep in mind that the eyes are spheres and the eyelids wrap around them. Blair Donovan is a staff writer for, where she covers everything from the latest Joanna Gaines and “The Voice” news to home décor, gardening, DIY, and entertaining. It’s tricky if you’re carving you’re pumpkin face, but with a little patience, it’s totally doable. Outline the bottom of the nose with brown twine and attach with hot glue. Using Mod Podge, adhere cutout to a white paper circle cut to fit interior of a black doily. Play around with the design. In this step, we keep tracing the sketch and draw out the fancy perspective we have drawn for the pumpkin’s eyes and mouth. Wish I’d seen your instructions before! Attach lengths of medium-size black rickrack to pumpkin with hot-glue for scar and mouth. Not policing at all. Have a look at the examples below. Best of luck with your own creations and of course, Happy Halloween! Hot-glue a continuous piece of white yarn in a teardop pattern until the space is fully filled. How to Carve a Realistic Face on a Pumpkin: I have always found sculpting fascinating. Trace eyeholes onto large orange pumpkin; carve. Lets start with the eyeballs. Attach small white buttons to the corner of … Try to avoid hard edges (unless it is in you design). Now for the mouth. Look to nature for many of the materials needed to craft this wise fella. The first face we draw is the “classic” Halloween pumpkin face – made of simple shapes with straight lines. Assemble tree branches and tightly wrap assorted colors of yarn in color block patterns. For each eye, sew a dark button to a slightly larger white felt circle (use white thread to mimic the pupil of the eye) and glue to squash as shown. It is a great feeling to have people come on Halloween to look at the pumpkins. Or Could It All Be in Your Head? Secure to the body with skewers (break, as needed). Trace and cut profile from black craft paper. A mirror can be handy to study what happens to your face when you make certain expressions. Create loops from a thin twig and tie in place with wax twine to create eye-glasses shape. Cut out or draw two smaller black dots for the pupils. Don’t forget to keep it moisturized with the spray bottle as often as you see it getting dry. And just keep working on it until you are happy with the result. Make the pumpkin: Download our cow ear and nose templates and trace on brown leather, scaling up or down based on the size of your pumpkin; cut out. These etched pumpkins don't requires scooping, so they'll result in little to no cleanup. All these four lines are pointing to the perspective vanishing point between the eyes. It is a mouthful when written down, but simple when you just look at the picture. Rather than the classic ghoulish grin and eyes, think outside the box with these creative pumpkin faces ideas. Download our forehead pattern and trace on a corn husk, scaling up or down as necessary; cut out. , Alright then, let’s get drawing pumpkin faces!…. Instead of cutting it, try scraping the surface of the pumpkin. Are Ghosts Real? Congratulations! Attach button eyes, a triangle felt nose, and pinched felt triangle ears with hot-glue. If it is not sharp, take the x-acto knife and gently mark the circle around the guide. Hopefully, the above examples sparked some new ideas – ones that will be helpful for creating Halloween decorations and jack o lanterns! All we are doing from now on is tracing our sketch and outlining the drawing. Start drawing the face with the same simple triangle for the nose. And yet again we have coloured in the happy pumpkin the same. Is he friendly or is he not?!?! Continue carving the eyelids and the eyes. (2-4 times a month). We will again use the same simple front view pumpkin from our how to draw a pumpkin tutorial as a base for the angry face. So while we still get the jagged pumpkin face look, this is a one very happy pumpkin head indeed. Spray-paint two oak leaves and a baby pinecone a similar color to pumpkin. Here you are! How to Draw a Pumpkin Face.Here is an online art tutorial on how to draw a pumpkin face. (Add a pirate costume of your own to keep things matchy-matchy!). So here we are – we like our pumpkin bright orange. I carved this back in 2016. Sometimes this step can be the most difficult for me. Here is our first pumpkin face sketched out. With rickrack spool bolts how could he be anything other than sweet and cuddly. But this time the eye triangles point together and the mouth is prolonged into a really wide and happy smile. Attach a length of thick black cording above the eyes with hot-glue for eyebrow. It is also drawn the same way as above – two lines of zig-zag teeth joined in the corners. Pin a black craft foam collar around the pumpkin. Stretch a decorative shower cap onto the pumpkin's "head" and pin in place with straight pins. Do this by cutting a little square shape part that will go as deep as the rest of the iris. You can cut away the outer orange part of your pumpkin face to reveal a creamy-colored layer underneath. For nostrils, paint two pumpkin seeds with black craft paint and attach with hot glue. A simple pair of sunglasses is all you need to create the illusion of a face. Tip: use some sort of ‘marking’ that will clean off easily if you’re drawing directly onto your pumpkin. Erase the lines and mistakes and move along to see what your finished pumpkin face looks like. Here is the reason for all our guidelines. Make a bow tie from plaid ribbon. Make the Scarecrow Pumpkin: Use a melon baller to scoop out two eyes from a butternut squash; reserve. Country Living editors select each product featured. This one took me less than 5 hours. We use cookies to improve your experience. Use craft glue or iron-on fusible tape to glue straight edges together. Pumpkin decorating doesn't have to be just mom or dad's job, especially when no carving is involved. H00 could resist crafting this stacked owl? However, you can do a few things to preserve it a little longer. Next add the thickness to the mouth. Remove the rind only where needed and avoid removing any meat. Whether you use them to decorate your porch to greet trick-or-treaters or light up your windowsills every night, this Halloween, we challenge you to give your go-to pumpkin carving routine a major facelift. Hot glue the eyes to the pumpkin. (If you have not followed this tutorial from the start, we have explained how this is done in detail on the first face we have drawn). Etch out eye sockets and mouth with a linoleum cutter. Who says pumpkins don't deserve little self-care? Is it sad or happy? Do the contour of the nose and the bottom of it. With the sketch done, it is time to start outlining our drawing. It is my first one so if you have any good advice to make it better, I’m all ears. Now it is time to clean up the sketch lines and our angry pumpkin face is done. The pupil is just the black circle in the middle of the iris. It is a very important part that needs to be done slowly and carefully. All set then? No carving or painting involved? Be sure to take your time. Thank you. The teeth! Use brown embroidery floss to sew matching pieces together, leaving a small opening. If you just happened to jump straight to this pumpkin face and need step by step instructions, do a quick side trip to the tutorial. In fact, I recommend you sketch out the designs directly on a pumpkin. Here, I’ve taken the eyes a step further by drawing/carving out two small circular sections. Here is the line art and you can choose to print it out and use it, or you can color it in. How to Draw a Pumpkin Face.Here is an online art tutorial on how to draw a pumpkin face. Make the pumpkin: Cut a length of extra-large black rickrack. If you’re sketching your design directly onto a pumpkin, you can omit the circle as the pumpkin itself already forms one! I always leave the eyes for the end. But this time, the eye triangles are curved and point together and the mouth is prolonged into a really wide and happy smile. Clean up the sketch lines to complete the happy pumpkin face drawing. I’ve been doing it for only five years and I can’t wait for next Halloween to carve more pumpkins. For wings, cut a brown and a white liner in half and attach to the sides of bottom pumpkin. Since you are now proficient drawing pumpkin faces, we can fast track the steps and outline the entire face, including the inner eye and mouth contours in one step. All the materials are intended for educational purposes only. In my experience, the expression of the eyes and eyebrows is very important. Secure loose yarn ends with hot-glue. disable your adblock and script blockers to view this page. We have also curved the nose triangle for a friendlier look. Share it with us! Break four skewers in half and press them into the top of the squash body, leaving 2" exposed. In this step, we add the thickness to our eyes and nose using the same one-point perspective trick learned before. 1 year ago Well, if so – ensure that your pencil strokes are sharp and angular just as the lines are in this example. For the inner ear pieces (they should be slightly smaller than the felt), cut from patterned pink craft paper. Look at all the pumpkins with a similar size and get the heaviest one. And it doesn’t have a candle or light inside.

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