how to make a real electric car

How to Make an Electric Go Kart: Note: I do have this Instructables page created into a PDF that I converted and modified for readability. I picked out an Alltrax brushed motor controller which was fairly simple to program and didn't need much programming (almost ready to run as stock). Car assembly plants here in Europe or Japan run clean and the workers are reasonably looked-after. Regardless how you do it, try to distribute the weight equally so that you don't lose steering control or grip on the rear wheels. Lead acid batteries, on the other hand, are cost-effective, but have a battery life nearly half of that of lithium ion batteries. Also, which throttle did you use? DIYGoKarts (everything go-kart related). I got the chassis off of Craigslist from someone local who had a bunch of frames lying around in his garage. Instead, I bought a cheap L-bracket that was machined to the motor specs. No matter how good the batteries and controller are, if the motor cannot keep up with the current provided by the batteries, you will not be able to get good acceleration from the motor and there is a risk of burning it. All of this was bought form my local HomeDepot for cheap. This meant that I was flooring the gas pedal too much. Would you mind sharing your PDF with me?Email: kees.blauw0124@gmail.comBest regards,Kees blauw, Bro its awesome, our team has planned for this project but we are unable get what all equipment r required and how to assembly or fit soo please help me out and also send me the pdf. Great job! That embodies the energy all the way back to the lithium mine and the grid electricity used by the Chinese battery factory. The Alltrax controller comes pre-programmed to the setting that you order it with. But that’s 2015 data. Much of the battery industry is hidden away in places of which we know little. This was the hardest part for me because I did not know what I needed for an electric system to put on a go-kart. My name is Srikar Gattepalli. Battery University (everything batteries), 3. Participated in the Make It Move Contest 2017. Did you make this project? Brushless motors have higher performance and energy efficiency. The lifetime CO2 emissions for an EV are half what they are from a conventional car. It looks like a pb-6 throttle. hey Srikar,can i get a copy of pdf. And for the throttle, I would recommend to place it at a position that is lined up with the gas pedal cable. I can't find any good ones. For this particular go kart I had a lot of space on the back of the seat underneath the rear axle. Most important of all, the energy to build a car is far less (eight times less in the case of a piston car) than the energy used to run it over its life. 1 year ago. If you need or would prefer a PDF version please let me know...My Experience:This was one of my very first completed projects. So, I decided to put my contactors and throttle over there. At the end, I painted the plywood red to match the frame color. No money from the licence fee was used to create this website. One safety suggestion: grind or cut off the top corners of your motor mount. ( The most recent studies I’ve seen, including one by the immensely thorough ICTT (the guys who unearthed Dieselgate), put the carbon impact of manufacturing an EV at just under three times a piston car*. The program allows you to set the max current to the motor, the torque and speed curves, etc. Remember, many of these components are not necessary such as the fuse and reverse rocker switch... they are just additional features on the go kart that make it safer to use, i.e. DO NOT complete the circuit by connecting all of the batteries in a loop, this will create a big explosion. No, because all SUVs are terrible, of course, Top Gear’s Top 9: the best manual gearshifts you can buy right now. Both those numbers include extraction and refining and distribution inefficiencies for the petroleum – well-to-wheel in the jargon. I ran the tie down through some eye hooks on the plywood. I couldn't find something good on Craigslist, but I did find a good chassis on Racing Junk. This was extremely useful because now I have no problems with the batteries overheating! But even so, EVs do far better than even that worst-case one-to-two ratio of entirely fossil-fuel electricity. Nice job building this. We now know batteries last longer than early predictions said, and anyway, they can be recycled or reused for grid energy storage. The process of building and converting this go kart from gas powered to electric powered not only aligned with my passion, but also helped me to learn and grow as a student. Lithium batteries are great but also on the higher end of the financial spectrum for batteries. Please note: All components must be compatible for the same voltage. This means the positive end of one battery to the negative end of another and go on until the pack is finished. The controller also had to be compatible with the motor and battery voltages. Better to be safe the first time, don't rush into it. Be proud of yourself, nice job!! Could this Lotus have been the greatest SUV ever? The metals and minerals in many batteries come from countries that allow maltreatment of workers and leaking of highly toxic pollutants. It was an aluminum bracket that a local machining shop happened to have at disposal. I also have included pictures of the tie downs I used for the battery mounts, fuses, shrink wrap, and terminals for the wiring. I again used 3/8" plywood and then bolted it down to the pipe frame using some U-bolts. The actual car is about equal, but the EV’s impact is doubled by its battery. 1 year ago. Align the rear sprocket with the drive sprocket, 3. Connect the contactors, fuses, motor, and controller as part of the bigger circuit that will be able to handle 300 amps. The smaller circuit will consist of the key switch and the forward/reverse rocker switch that connect to the Alltrax controller. Use good, strong metallic wire terminals to ensure high conductivity. There's just so much to learn. Well, we’re not ignoring it, we’re factoring it in. This step was completed after about a month of research. Where did you get the chassis. Note: I do have this Instructables page created into a PDF that I converted and modified for readability. Therefore, I have posted sources and pages that were of great help to me. Question NOTE: The main contactor is the one shaped like a cylinder while the reverse contactor is shaped like a box and has half of it covered with black plastic. It may be worthwhile to get someone knowledgeable on electric circuitry to help check it out for you. More than the product, you probably will have appreciated the experience and pitfalls during the build. Hopefully you learned something from the project. Your information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. 4 months ago • Make sure that the wiring is securely strapped to the frame (preferably by zipties or locks/hooks). This means by the time an EV is just a few years old, it has offset its manufacturing deficit. City, slicker: Honda City Turbo vs Honda e. How many people actually buy a manual Porsche sports car?

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