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Plus use our free tools to find new customers. Please don’t climb, stand on, swim near, or jump from any waterfall. Please refer to the official trail map for the most current and accurate route. Let's work together to keep these fantastic trails maintained and open for use! The view from the trail ranges from nonexistent to spectacular. Jacks River Falls is set deep in the Cohutta Wilderness, a remote, mostly-untamed forest that straddles the Georgia-Tennessee border.

Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the stream is open to the public. The hike reaches the Beech Bottom Trailhead at just over 9 miles, completing the hike. Always leave no trace, pack out everything you pack in, and if you see trash, pick it up and pack it out. Rough Ridge, Hickory Ridge, Beech Bottom. South to north the trails are Benton MacKaye, Penitentiary Branch, Rough Ridge, Hickory Ridge, Beech Bottom, Rice Camp, and Horseshoe Bend. The next mile has several sections with pot holes full of water. Jack's River Falls is easily one of my Top 10 favorite waterfalls in the state. It spans the length of the wilderness from its southeastern Dally Gap Trailhead located in Blue Ridge, GA all the way to its northwest terminus at the Alaculsy Valley Trailhead right across the state line in Tennesse. The trail parallels the river in this darker interior part of the wilderness where the river is particularly nice.

Fully equipped home with cable, Internet, and washer/dryer. The current may be swift after rainfall.

I did it both ways and enjoyed it much more with my fiberglass hiking pole that enabled me to easily keep my balance. And Beech Bottom is a 4-mile trail that heads northwest to its trailhead on FS62. If Jacks River Trail is continued to its end at Alaculsy Valley then it is a further 8.3 miles and 22 more river crossings from Beech Bottom. It is one of the premiere trails in the Cohutta Wilderness. After crossing the bridge the road immediately enters Tennessee and a three-way intersection. Please visit official websites for more information. And before you go, always check the trailhead kiosk, official maps, and the park or ranger office for notices of changed routes, trail closures, safety information, and restrictions. Read more in our guide to Wilderness areas in the South.). Trailful Outdoor Co. and the Atlanta Trails logo are registered trademarks of Summit19 Studio LLC.Privacy Policy | Terms of Use No photo, illustration, data, or text on this website may be reproduced, published, or distributed without prior written permission and license. The trail now descends the left side of the ridge with no sight of the river.

Trail that crosses and follows Penitentiary Branch, An internal trail through a beautiful cove, Internal trail to the headwaters of Panther Creek. This trail is maintained thanks to the hard work of countless volunteers and donations from supporters of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The trail descends back down and merges with the river again on its right bank. After this crossing, the trail continues level for a short distance before it ascends a small slope on its right side with the river below and to the right. Access to the trailhead is via gravel Forest Service roads. Some Images Courtesy of Polaris Adventures. All rights reserved.

It is one of the premiere trails in the Cohutta Wilderness. Jacks River Trail is the longest in the Cohutta Wilderness measuring 16.8 miles and has 7 trails that junction with it. This is the beginning of Jacks River gorge and continues for the next 1.1 miles to the next river crossing.

Jacks River detours further to the east and eventually you lose sight of it from the trail. I used flies. Jacks river area on a weekend, so riding was slow going. It fords Rough Creek here to the Rough Ridge Trail junction. Follow the Fiery Gizzard Trail to a series of falls in a rocky, mossy, boulder-filled gorge, and then climb to stunning views at Raven Point. While the waterfall is clearly this hike’s main attraction, getting there is an equally beautiful adventure. The trail follows the river on its right bank for a short distance before the trail and river diverge. And it’s always best to avoid trails along the rivers and creeks in the weeks following a heavy rain. Rivers flow downhill due to gravity. VISIT OUR SHOP ABOUT US OUR STORY CONTACT US. Eric Champlin is a creative director and photographer who loves to explore southeast. So by the time the trail merges with the river it is not a creek. All rights reserved. The trail and river merge again at the 20th-river-crossing.

Due to the escalation of the coronavirus outbreak, local state parks, ranges and preserves, as well as many stores may be closed. Copperhill, TN; Jacks River Trail ; Due to the escalation of the coronavirus outbreak, local state parks, ranges and preserves, as well as many stores may be closed. Designated 1969.

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