lost hearts song

In September of 1811, a young boy named Stephen Elliot arrives at Aswarby Hall in Lincolnshire.
A song Cuco made about heartbreak, looking for his heart, his sanity, and the person he once was. Neither person wants to admit it and they don’t want to leave but if they continue any longer they’ll simply be pretending, and they have to leave each other.

"Lost Hearts" was adapted by Robin Chapman in 1973 as part of the BBC's A Ghost Story for Christmas strand, directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark. I see it as two lovers being in a relationship where they once were in love, but now the relationship lost itself and there is no love.

It starred Simon Gipps-Kent … They don’t feel anything from each other except see the love they once had for each other.
Though they sense that perhaps if it were another time, another life, they would be one again and be able to feel that love once more and forever. Stephen was recently orphaned, and his elderly cousin, Mr. Abney, has generously invited him to come live at the Hall. The shortest of the adaptations, it was first broadcast on Christmas Day 1973 at 11:35 pm.

Lost / Heart Lyrics: Help me I’m looking for my heart again / Is it gone? I’ve Left My Body and I Don’t Want to Come Back.

The invitation was unexpected, for Mr. Abney is known as a recluse, an expert on ancient pagan religions who is wrapped up in his books. They can’t continue on this cycle of trying anything to keep it alive and go their separate ways, hurting each other greatly in the process. Mr. Abney eagerly welcomes his young cousin, and he appears delighted to le…

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