moist marble cake

It’s essentially a marbled version of this award-winning Kentucky Butter Cake. Will post results once I’ve eaten it all without telling my son!! Enjoy , Thanks Tasbih!

maybe it varies from the cocoa powder that was used. Proportion remains the same. Set the baked cake on a cooling rack. However, no matter what recipe you are using (whether yellow or white cake), you can follow the same technique! Add the second layer of cake on top , then frost the outside of the cake. This is by far the BEST from-scratch marble cake recipe I have EVER made. You can find it here!

I suggest starting with 8 ounces of vanilla cake batter in each pan, followed by 8 ounces of chocolate cake batter in each pan, for a total of about 16 ounces of batter in each pan. Thank you. Perfectly sweet, moist, and the chocolate side provided a nice balance in texture and taste. I hope the wedding is still tomorrow To answer your question, I’d say it’s a pretty sturdy cake & will hold up well to stacking. Honestly, I’m not sure about the buttermilk substitute. I WILL be making it again. Rate the recipe: 5 stars means you loved it, 1 star means you really disliked it.
Wonderful! Or snap a photo and share it on Instagram; be sure to tag me @onceuponachef. I’m thinking of replacing the milk with fresh orange juice and adding some zest. I’d bake it at 350°F for about 40 minutes, or until the cake is golden and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. The chocolate buttercream is fantastic! Although, I could not say how much that difference would be. I love baking and am definitely going to try your other awesome recipes. salt per stick, reduce the salt in the recipe as needed. As Salaamu Alaikum Tasbih:) I made this ever so yummy best ever marble cake today! To me, marble cake was nothing but a dull, confused cake lacking any distinction between the vanilla and chocolate components. My chocolate portion was too much and more like a layer of chocolate cake, and the marbling wasn’t pronounced. Hello. The addition of the dark chocolate bar in the chocolate part is genius. You can see how we did this in our video tutorial. I haven’t made it in such a long time, but you just reminded me that need to get my act in the kitchen. I ma super excited to try this recipe! *If you prefer a more layered and mixed marbling effect, be sure to check the instructions for that in that ‘NOTES’ section of the recipe. I do have a cookbook. I am going to today. I’ve never tried this recipe in any other form other than in bundt form, so I can’t say for certain that it will work as cupcakes. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Hi Gloria, The recipe uses cake flour.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next! The rest of the ingredients and steps were followed precisely. (Note that the mixture … So that means a total of 3 yolks & 2 whites. In case anyone is like me and wondering if these make good cupcakes, let me assure you they do!!! I followed your Using the flour/butter spray was perfect. Hmmmm…wholewheat flour are kind of tricky because they absorb more liquid than white flour and have less gluten which prevents them from having the proper structure needed for rising well; hence the density problem.

Came out of the pan perfect. Always with the option “more chocolate”, I think it’s more balanced to my preference! Is it the high-ratio aspect that substitutes for the effect of ‘folding in’ the flour? Not sure why that was. I didn’t do the chocolate part instead I did a green tea and vanilla marble cake and it was still really yummy! When she asked me if I had a good recipe, I answered her with: “I divorced marble cakes a long time ago.”. It’s my dream to visit Germany some time. Bring on the sugar! I could have done better with the swirling effect, but the taste was just right. Set aside. Hmmm, so the chocolate didn’t have chunks before it was baked, but it did afterwards? Would this hold up as a 3 tiered wedding cake?

Or is your bundt pan several years old? Could I reduce the chocolate ingredients by half and use 1.25 cups of batter when layering into the pan? Using a butter knife, swirl the 2 batters together in an ‘S’ shape motion.

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