rock cakes harry potter

Unlike Hagrid’s probably over baked rock cakes, my rock cakes are deliciously soft and tender, the only thing they have in common with actual rocks are their looks…. I like to imagine Molly whipping up a quick batch for her and Arthur for tea time. Love! Want a cookbook of our best dessert recipes? ), Traditional British Rich Fruitcake Recipe, Traditional British Christmas Cake Recipe. I spent half me life chasin’ yer twin brothers away from the forest.” Elaine Lemm is a renowned British food writer, classically trained chef, teacher, and author with over 25 years of experience writing about British food and cooking. The last two times, they didn’t look “sticky” and were more solid, which prevented them from baking properly on the inside (some of the raisins on the top burned). Sultanas, raisins or cranberries can be left whole. 2 oz of liquid is equal to 1/4 cup, but it’s much different when it comes to things like fruit, and cereal. I bet you guys are wondering if I fell off the planet when we moved. Hard to say what is wrong without seeing exactly what you are doing, but I hope this helps, Caitlin. I’m a huge Molly Weasley fan and I think she would definitely make these! I also own the unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Sure, just divide the dough in half before adding the fruit. We are both food bloggers and we are both rabid Harry Potter fans. Hi if I increased the milk will it make the rock cakes softer? Some versions contain coconut (Jamaica) or oatmeal. No. CC. Versatile Maltesers Chocolate Cake - Harry Potter Theme, for a Birthday or Many Other Celebrations! They're perfect for breakfast, or enjoying with a cup of tea! My bakes come out so much better weighing vs using measuring cups. Eating one of Hagrid's rock cakes was exactly like eating a rock, as they were so hard that they could break teeth instead of being a lovely treat. I’m not sure how I came to find your site but after trying a few of your other recipes, (all of which were quite delicious) I’m thrilled I did. You will find lots of Romanian and German recipes, but not only. Baby Hedgehog Cookies…Almost Too Cute to Eat! If you cannot find, just replace it with dark brown sugar. I love those books so much. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, J. K. Rowling. 1/4 cup dried cranberries (Craisins) Good. Rock cake You can also add a teaspoon of what the British call. Isn’t she the best? Chop the larger dried fruit, if using. I was thinking Hagrid as well so I am glad you specified and yes, it makes more sense! Stir the chopped fruit and egg into the flour-butter mixture with your hand or a spoon. Beat the egg lightly in a small bowl. Thank you :). Ha. They include a recipe for Hagrid’s rock cakes and I made them and I remember them being so delicious… even if it came from Hagrid , I’m british and have never had a rock cake but these do look fab! Is there a way you can suggest for me to adapt the recipe and do half batch plain, half batch with the dried fruit? Muscovado sugar, also known as Barbados sugar, is unrefined cane sugar that contains molasses. Hagrid’s rock cakes are mentioned quite a few times in several of the Harry Potter books but never in a positive manner. Mix in beaten egg and milk. Misty. Coz 2 oz is a quarter cup and 1/2 cup shld be bout 4oz. The rock cakes were shapeless lumps with raisins that almost broke their teeth, but Harry and Ron pretended to be enjoying them as they told Hagrid all about their first lessons. 11 Authentic (and Simple) Scottish Recipes to Keep Scotland Close to Your Heart! You'd really, Felt ghoulie, might haunt you later. He served ones that contained raisins to Harry and Ron for the first time after their first week of lessons in 1991. Darla and I “met” through what I like to call ‘the magic of Harry Potter & Cupcakes’. Both of your blogs are so much fun! Those and raspberry buns! I love those books so much. She once referred to us as ‘geek soul mates’. I think these would be super delicious with just chocolate. You can freeze them as you would scones for up to 3 months, wrapped in foil and stored in a zipper-topped freezer bag. The Death Eaters: A Guide To Who Was Where, Albus Potter and the lesson in Quantum Mechanics. It’s so inaccurate for baking which is why I alway recommend buying a scale. Even though my boys (& husband) and read all the Harry Potter books and seen the movies, I haven’t really followed them. Oh I LOVE Harry Potter!! “Another Weasley, eh?” said Hagrid, glancing at Ron’s freckles. The kids feel like the time stretches forever from August, when they both have their birthdays, to Christmas, when it is present time again. She pointed me toward the modernized recipe as well. Place heaps of dough on the baking tray without trying to give the cookies a nice shape. Of course you know who’d be most excited to get them… Ron. The rock cakes are light, airy and delicious. This time, I used a mixture of sultana, prunes, and apricots. Other times I added or substituted something with cranberries and raisins. There are different recipes for rock cakes out there, but the main ingredients remain more or less the same: flour, butter, egg, spices, and dried fruit. : Strawberry Peanut Butter Profiteroles, Oh, it's a yum-yummy world made for sweetheart. Start with 1 tablespoon, if needed add the second. Now, between Darla’s Harry Potter recipes and my Harry Potter Recipes, I had to do a little thinking. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Ok, I am probably the only person on earth (besides Valentina) that hasn’t read Harry Potter so it could explain why I have never heard of a rock cake/bun. [1], Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter forced themselves to eat a few of these whenever they visited Rubeus Hagrid. That’s Best Blogging Friend, if you didn’t know. Hagrid, bless his big, giant, hairy heart, does not make good Rock Cakes. So these rock cakes are seriously making me swoon!!! Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius/ 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Love how delicious and fun these rock cakes are. 1/2 cup chocolate chips (milk or semi-sweet) Sprinkle with demerara sugar, if using. While Harry and his friends don’t feature in the movie, we thought we’d share a recipe from one of the Harry Potter books in a tribute to the wizarding world in general. We celebrated Thanksgiving early yesterday. could you exchange buttermilk for regular milk ? Fortunately, I’ve kept busy exploring Nederland, and we have our first appointment to check out a place to live tomorrow (YAY!!! I yielded a total of 20, the last 4 just came out of the oven. Make sure that the butter is soft when you start mixing the batter for Hagrid’s rock cakes. Cut in butter until it resembles coarse breadcrumbs.

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