romans 8:18 commentary

By this, therefore, Christians maybe sustained. So take heart, suffering one. (1Cor 12:25, 26) Suffering endured, produces compassion that equips us to comfort others. So Satan then accused Job of only serving God because his health remained. What men consider splendor and fame fades into insignificance when compared to the true glory of God. In other words, this paragraph is the result of Paul’s careful, biblical thinking about suffering. OT prophets had "glimpses" of God's glory (Is 6:1, 2, 3, Ezek 1:28; 3:23; 8:4). The fellowship of sharing Christ’s sufferings (Phil 3:10) is a fellowship no one wants. Yet the unbelieving saw only the carpenter from Nazareth. The Bible tells us that if we respond properly to the trials of life, we will develop patience and godly maturity (Romans 5:3, 4, 5-note; James 1:3, 4-note). But at a still deeper level, there is no doubt that in all of our lives, times will come in which we are certainly called to trust God when we cannot understand the reason for our suffering. Eerdmans), Aalen adds that doxa is "one of the clearest examples of change in meaning of a Greek word, when it came under the influence of the Bible. A spiritually mature couple pray to have a baby for 10 years and invest more than one hundred thousand dollars in infertility treatments, all with no results. We inherently know and long for the full realization of all of God’s promises.There is a pattern very clearly set in verses 17-18. A cosmic liberation from decay awaits the final, full redemption of the children of God. You may (you will) suffer, but the Lord will never abandon you Materialists argue that when you die, that’s it—your body decomposes and your soul ceases to exist, just like an animal. Kittel adds that…, While doxa can denote “reputation” or “power,” its main use in the NT is shaped by the OT; it thus becomes a biblical term rather than a Greek one. In Romans 8:18-25 we find that the Christian will likely face difficult These will soon pass away; but that glory shall never become dim or diminished; it will increase and expand forever and ever.In us - Unto us εἰς ἡμᾶς eis hēmas. Zondervan Publishing), William Evans in the ISBE has an excellent discussion on sons of God…. Along with the freedom of a new life also come the transition period into this life. It decays and thus goes nowhere. A Gift of Sharing in Christ’s Affliction, You are going to suffer with Him so that you might be glorified with Him. Response toward believers - Believers are to be of one mind and one heart, united in spirit knowing that the enemy wants to separate believers from the fold (cp Php 2:1-note), 3. Believers today have the holy privilege of living in such a (supernatural, inexplicable to natural thinking) way, that others (believers and unbelievers alike) see this supernatural life which gives a proper opinion of the unseen, supernatural Father in heaven (Mt 5:16-note where the verb doxazo is used). Peter wrote about the faith of Christians and said that it may be "tested by fire" (1Pet. Whether from the ravages of disease, persecution, or disaster, Christians are not exempt from the pangs of living in a fallen world. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. There is therefore now no condemnation: The simple declaration of no condemnation comes to those who are in Christ Jesus. Suffering evokes either doubt of God’s goodness or trust in God’s goodness. Christians in other countries find themselves tortured, raped, and murdered for their faith. Thus now believers are aliens and strangers, living in a world that has another prince (Satan) rather than the Prince or Jesus. In God’s view, our faith is “much more precious than gold,” and it too MUST be tested (1Pe 1:6-note; 1Pe 1:7-note). We are to bless them and do good to them (Ro 12:14-note, Ro 12:17-note, Ro 12:18, 19, 20, 21-note), 3. Sometimes you want the metal hard. All that follows tends to illustrate and enforce that idea. NAS = appropriate(1), deserve(2), deserving(4), fitting(2), keeping(2), unworthy*(1), worthy(29). But, beginning with its first usages, doxa means “expectation, what is thought possible”… by far the most widespread meaning in secular Greek is “opinion, thought, sentiment"… There are both true and false opinions, especially among the maxims of the philosophers… and also illusions produced by the imagination or a miscalculation. Those who live only for this life cannot look forward to any resolution of wrongs or to any comfort for their souls. Creation (2937) (ktisis [word study] from ktizo = to create) can signify the act of creating something which has not existed before or the product of the creative act. 2:3, 26; 3:28; 4:3ff, 8ff, 22ff; 6:11; 8:18, 36; 9:8; 14:14; 1 Co. 4:1; 13:5, 11; 2 Co. 3:5; 5:19; 10:2, 7, 11; 11:5; 12:6; Gal. Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. 22:37; Jn. It can look forward to a new glory when God creates a new earth. They are nothing in duration. The sovereign God uses all of life's troubles to polish and perfect our character. The Bible gives us far more perspective on suffering than I can comment on briefly here. Someday you too will realize that it was worth it all (1Peter 1:7-note). It pictures watching with outstretched head and indicates the concentrated intense hope which ignores other interests and strains forward outstretched with eagerness and desire. Sometimes with binoculars, I have located Andromeda galaxy, 2.5 million light years away, with one trillion stars. PREVIOUS NEXT. The idea, here (Ro 8:18), then, is that sufferings are of no weight in comparison with glory; they are not to be balanced in the scale with it. And in the future, when believers receive the full redemption that has been promised in Christ, all of creation will be restored at least to its original state, if not to an even greater level of glory. Ktisis - 19x in NT - Mk. For example at Mt Sinai, the appearance of the glory (LXX = doxa) of Jehovah was like a consuming fire on the mountain top (Ex 24:17). Glory is the expression of holiness, as beauty is the expression of health.” In respect to man, His glory is found in the things that reveal His honorable state and character, such as wisdom, righteousness, superiority to passion, or that outward magnificence that is expressive of what, in the lower sphere, bespeaks the high position of its possessor. As a servant of the Lord, he was called upon to endure untold hardships, persecutions, and afflictions (see similar use of pathema in 2Ti 3:11-note). Philosophers, theologians, pastors, and others have written scores of books on the subject. 33:21, 22, 23; 34:5, 6, 7, 8). Just as it is his character to punish sin, it is his nature to love his children. In this secular meaning, doxa can be translated sometimes “majesty” or “dignity,” sometimes “renown.”, Because Yahweh is the supreme sovereign, He is described as the “king of glory.” The whole universe is full of His doxa, that is, the splendor of His majesty.

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