washington state veterinary technician ce requirements

��"U?�xf��?�6����!���;���o��Ļ�� 9 0 obj %PDF-1.5 The amendments modernize veterinary technician continuing education rules and streamline requirements. Licensed veterinary technicians shall comply with chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 7 relating to continuing education requirements. <> Washington Administration Code 16-54-032: A certificate of veterinary inspection must meet the requirements in Title 9 C.F.R. endobj This test is specifically about laws that are applicable in Washington, while the VTNE is a more general test that focuses on national veterinary technician laws and practices, (The exam costs $300, is three hours long with 150 questions. Live, web-based coursework will be equivalent to in-person coursework. endobj Nursing skills, laboratory procedures, equine and livestock medicine, as well as the care of lab animal and exotic animals are just some of the coursework you will take. 14 0 obj These new positions will be in all sectors of animal care. Following is the administrative rule related to CE requirements: 875-010-0090 Continuing Education Requirements (CE) (1) All active licensees, including veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians, must comply with the CE provided in this rule in order to renew their licenses. Washington State The Veterinary Technician may also work with exotic animals, ranging from reptiles to rare birds. A maximum of 10 hours can be business management courses. endobj For example, the American Kennel Club and the Hartz Mountain Corporation grant annual scholarships specifically for veterinary technician students. endobj ), Your school will have assistance available to you while looking for a job. QN2���YBxu���lB�������L#�F�������8$�{O/(ln�L ��dms9������� �;ge��7����c���P���猶)'��r�RN�ŌrN1��%mbzSA�N�r1�)���2�ZLɛ�$��9$*��*?yi4ט>�ǀ��Q�:5�uw��J�GЉ҈��R�av���$�� g�e��f 7��rj�k#u����GB8:H� �BV9���F�n=�{y���-&����Js��²͌1g{��u>G7,��#9cG=��0UUOV�(L�1 ��‡^�q��� Washington Veterinary Tech Continuing Education Washington Accepts RACE Approved OnlineCE.com Online Continuing Education Courses and Courses Approved by other State Veterinary Boards for License Renewal . In 2011, there were over 1700 veterinary technicians employed in Washington, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You may take any approved insurance continuing education course. Also, you can discuss your specific financial needs and your coursework with your Student Guidance Counselor. Assists the veterinarian with the preparing animals for surgery, assists during surgery and monitors the animal’s vital signs after the surgery. 10 0 obj Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America, The Washington Federation of Animal Care & Control Agency (Woodinville), Animal Services, Licensing & Neutering (Pierce County), Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WA state wide), Nuisance Wildlife – Wildlife Control Officers (WA state wide), The Center for Bird & Exotic Medicine (Bothell), Veterinary Teaching Hospital (WA State University, Pullman), Animal Emergency and Specialty Care (Kirkland), Washington Veterinary Health Care Resources, Differences Between a Vet Tech and Vet Assistant. Clinics in large cities usually pay more than rural practices. 3 0 obj Ø��}Wd_5��1��`��5UC��wG���J��X�X`-�0(�H]$�? The Washington State Department of Health requires that only the applicant or licensee may complete an attestation for an application, or for continuing education. Tip: Search the Internet using "Washington state insurance continuing education" and use our list to verify the provider in your search results is approved to offer CE courses in Washington state.. CE compliance tips. 5Cmn���QD�|_��,E�k�i���m.�F�7F�^�j��N�{�����v��s�֪^�ؾ���s�!C���ւ�1��|ԗQ*�������2lo�\g���=�0�ed��Kzs���_���9��������z�뇏�?���D�'��`ܟ�����Z;���Fp���~� ��7t6��� Changes … �06c�����Y'��Άq�=��� �ə!X�#�s���;����r��#�P��b3A�k��//5ࠗL��%�J�ڡ����ӊ� O*"�8��,�[`�#(M�x���B{�==Ɖ�Jꡋ��j��b����2�/L��274��oe5��|P h�(�GV�2#F7�]g�^ (��̨��y�(�� ��+��=�;���W�P�,=Ց���{b��e&�F���'c;�=[�2;��t!�)ׂ:��EZJm�c|=���ۈ!�1!�!��1g�n���T��c5����F|�)M^��'�&ASS�eCV��U ʼn���7��vpn]�j��͗���)Z1���Ku�_Q�Aw+3kj+�e�e��=.��3F����y���$���6���3ath�[���N�źx\㿆��dk���xp_@�������E��.>LNpJ��g5���i�&����KZjE^=Ԥg������&���6*/O������ůiU�6�#�y 6̽-�֟J��Yc=�a���˚���R,4�ɠ���܀6����՛ ��$���N2fE�|W��TE˿4�����s ��ʾ�p�7�u�5����5Ѝ~Z Provides emergency aid to injured or ill animals. 8 0 obj The State of Washington requires 30 hours of CE every 3 years which may be audited at the time of your license renewal. %���� Average Veterinary Technician salaries for job postings in Washington are 3% higher than average Veterinary Technician salaries for job postings nationwide. Completion of the attestation by anyone other than the applicant may constitute a reportable felony offense. Interviews the animal’s owners in order to gather important information regarding the animal’s current condition. The amendments modernize veterinary technician continuing education rules and streamline requirements.

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