Climate Controlled Storage Units

Affordable Climate Controlled Storage In Morgantown!

All climate controlled units require a two month minimum agreement.

50 Square Feet

  • What fits: Chest of drawers or desk mattress set, several boxes and small items OR about 50 file boxes.
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100 Square Feet

  • What fits: Mattress set, sofa, dining room set OR chest of drawers, boxes and small items.
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150 Square Feet

  • What fits: Furnishings of two bedroom apt. OR small house and patio furniture OR small boat.
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Looking for Climate Controlled Storage in Morgantown West Virginia?

It may surprise you, but climate controlled storage is available in Morgantown! We know some items are too fragile for normal storage. By storing in our controlled climate, you extend the life of your items, in addition to the security and convenience we offer.

But What Does “Climate Controlled” Mean?

We get this question a lot. It means that we keep your items at a specific temperature all year. Whether in the heat of the summer, or the cold of winter, your items remain in a safe temperature and humidity range.

What Kind of Items Should I Consider For Climate Controlled Storage?

The reality is, you can store anything in our climate controlled environment that you would otherwise store in a traditional self storage unit. However, some items are especially suited to a stable environment, these include:

Wooden Furniture
Upholstered Furniture

Computers and other devices have a specific “livable” range of temperature. Excessive heat or cold can permanently damage these items.


Musical Instruments


Seasonal garments and bedding are highly recommended for climate controlled storage.