Frequently asked questions

We’re here to answer your questions about self-storage.
We provide this FAQ to help address some of the most common questions.

What is Self-Storage and How Does it Work?


VanVoorhis Storage provides an array of unit options for both personal and business. From long-term, to recreational storage use, we are certain to meet your needs. Some customers are simply looking to clear space in their home, while others may store vehicles during winter months. Businesses also benefit from extra space. Many choose to store items long-term, freeing-up valuable square feet at the office. We also offer oversize storage options for trucks, RVs, boats and more!

How can I estimate the amount of space I'll need?

Great question! We’ve developed a handy guide to assist you with visualizing the right unit for your needs. Our Unit Sizes page showcases options by square feet, and details what most customers are able to store within. But if you ever have a question about storing your belongings, we’re available to help! Call 304-692-4455.

Are reservations required?

While we do not require reservations, it is recommended you create one (click here). Reservations ensure the unit you need is available. For your reservation, we will collect a small fee. This fee secures your unit. All reservations are held for a maximum of three days. Reservation fees are non-refundable.

What is drive up access?

Drive up access means you can temporarily park a vehicle in front of our units for convenient loading and unloading.

Do you offer boat or motor vehicle parking?

Yes we do! Of course this depends on the size of the vehicle, so we recommend you contact us ahead of time to be sure your item can be stored. Generally-speaking, motorcycles can easily fit within our 10×10 units. Small cars or small boats are usually best-suited by units 10×15 or larger. Any vehicle of greater size is recommended for our oversize storage options (found here).

What are your office hours and access hours?


Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4PM eastern time. Access hours are 24-7-365.


Does Vanvoorhis Storage provide locks? -Can I bring my own?


Unit locks are available for purchase during normal business hours. Customers are allowed to use their own locks, provided they are compatible with the storage unit door. Not to worry though, nearly all common locks will fit.

Is there a lease commitment?

We require a signed agreement from all customers, however all units are month-to-month. A copy of your lease is available here.

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